Monday, April 14, 2014

Two Encouraging Words

Skimming my e-mail before work one morning, I saw a message from a church member with these two words:
                                            “Excellent Blog!”
In the hurry that I was in, I quickly responded, “Thanks, that’s encouraging!  I didn’t think anyone even read it!” …then off to work I went. I was so excited that someone had enjoyed my blog.  All day long, I was planning in my head what the next subject matter would be.  I hadn’t been blogging in recent months.  I can’t say I was discouraged, but it took a lower place on the “priority list” – after all, who reads it???  But I was psyched up and ready to roll once again after those two encouraging words!
Later on that evening when I had more time to read my e-mail, I realized those two words were not actually about my blog!  – It was one of those spam advertisements that uses one of your contacts!  It referred to another website blog about some kind of vitamin.  After a dose of humiliation…and a great deal of belly laughter, I realized something.  Just two words, two encouraging words stirred my heart to do greater things.  Those two words caused enthusiasm to return and a new zeal to do the work of ministry. 
I am reminded of how important it is to say a kind word of appreciation when someone deserves it.  So many people do “behind the scenes” work and just a “thank you” would make their spirits soar.  The Bible tells us to “encourage one another daily.”   It doesn’t take much or even a lot of effort.  Just two words could lift someone’s spirit and give them new zeal for the Lord.  I will make the effort, how about you?

                                       “Excellent lesson learned!”