Monday, July 25, 2016


We had an ordination at our church recently. Four men stood with grace and dignity , committing their hearts and hands to serve as deacons . It was a solemn event. 

It brings my thoughts to the book of Numbers where God ordained the  sons of Levi to be the caretakers and the keepers of the articles of the tabernacle .  Each of Levi's sons and their descendents had responsibilities in caring for the sacred vessels .  Only the descendents of Aaron could be priests . One of Levi's son's responsibility included carrying the sacred articles of worship upon their shoulders when moving.  Each article had to be wrapped carefully by the priests only - the men could not even touch the sacred vessels . It was an time-consuming and difficult task.  One of the grandsons became weary in this responsibility and began to question why he or his clan could not instead be priests . His name was Korah – he led a rebellion of 250 men against Moses and Aaron. 

When Moses heard of the rebellion , he told Korah and the others to separate themselves along with anyone else who was with them .  That day , God opened up the ground and swallowed them, their households, and all their belongings as well.  That was the end of that rebellion .

But it was not the end of Korah.  Somehow , some of the sons of Korah remained . Perhaps they were little babies , or old enough to know they didn't want to follow in their father's rebellious ways.  The Bible doesn't tell us . But seven generations later, their responsibilities changed to being doorkeepers and custodians of the temple.  At that time , a young barren woman named Hannah came to the temple and wept and cried out for a son.  God granted her prayer  and from her thankful heart , she brought her son as a little boy to the temple to "give him back to the Lord". That child was from the lineage of Levi and descendent of Korah.  Perhaps Hannah gave her son back to the Lord to accomplish the menial task that was his God-given responsibility.  That child grew up to be one of the Old Testament's greatest prophets, Samuel.

Later, from the sons of Korah, came some of David's strong fighting, mighty men of valor in I Chronicles 12:6. 

Further, eleven of the Psalms were written by the sons of Korah . They became choral and literary expressions of worship and praise to God.  Countless generations including our own have been led in worship by these words .

Likewise, the elders of our church ordained four young men to be
"doorkeepers and custodians " of Emmanuel Christian Assembly . They too , like the sons of Levi may have ardous tasks to perform . They may grow weary in the mundane.  They may wish for greater works.  But as they are obedient to walk in their sacred calling, out of them may rise prophets like Samuel ; mighty men of valor like David's ; and those will create choral and literary expressions of praise and worship that may benefit generations to come !What an honor  - May our Lord Jesus Christ gives these men anointing , courage , and creativity as they glorify him in this God-given task.